TERRY WALTON-Custom Fishing Rod Builder, Tackle Designer and Innovator

When you look at a rod on this site, Terry built it.
His expertise as a rod builder extends to over 40 years.
And, many of the unique tackle items you see here were designed and thought of by him.

Every rod Terry builds has a quality that makes it unique-whether it's Presentation, Custom Saltwater or Custom Freshwater.
To some, his rods may seem like just another fishing rod.....until they fish with one.
When a fish is on the other end, and that rod is doing everything it was SPECIFICALLY and INDIVIDUALLY designed to do.....that's when Terry's ability to bring all the various components together really becomes evident.
It sounds like an overworked phrase, but with his rods, you can truly feel everything the fish does-almost before it does it;
and the rod compensates for those movements-almost on it's own. 
That's when Terry's craftsmanship and talent are really appreciated. 

As anyone who practises this overlooked and soon to be forgotten craft will tell you, it sure as heck isn't going to make you rich.
So, why do it?  Terry does it because he loves to fish and he deeply enjoys sharing his passion with others.
Sure, he loves to catch fish as we all do.
But I really think his biggest thrill comes when someone catches a nice fish with a product that he has fabricated.
He grins....I've seen it.

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