No Snag Stick Weights 
No Slip Stacker Release - Snubber - Blade Troll


"I've gotten a lot of positive response about your weights from clients who have seen them first hand, from other guides and during seminars such as the one I recently gave at Cabala's in Reno."

Marc Christophel
Christophel's Guide Service
Stampede - Donner - Boca Lakes

No-Snag Stainless Steel Stick Weight 

Stainless Steel Downrigger Stick Weight

No-Snag Stainless Thermometer Weight 

Stainless Steel Cylindrical Downrigger Weight  with Dual Scale (C/F) Thermometer


Downrigger system includes weight, snubber, stacker release and blade troll

1 Tuff Mutha Snubber

1 Tuff Mutha Snubber Orange

No-Slip Stacker Release

Stacker Release float and no slip clip

Blade Troll

Blade Troll with White (GLO) blades