Our Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee 

We are providing you with guaranteed products of quality and reliability at a reasonable price.
All of the items you find here come with our money back guarantee policy which is:

For all items, except Custom Built Rods (which are covered for material and workmanship only), if you don't like it, return it unused and undamaged within 7 days and you will get your money back.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED

All we require is that you contact us before returning an item, so we can send you a Return Authorization Code in an email.

•If you have a printer, just copy the email and include it with the returned item. 
•If you don't have a printer, just write the code on a piece of paper. 

Either way, the code must be included with the returned item as without a copy of the authorization code included, your refund will not be processed.

NOTE Please contact us for instructions before returning a Custom Rod

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