How To Catch Fish

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"How To Catch Fish" is devoted to increasing your fishing knowledge. 
We feel, as do most of the people who catch fish on a consistent basis, that the more an angler understands about the behavior of the species he is after, the more successful that angler will become.
So, to increase your fishing knowledge and success, Bottom Line Tackle will present facts about how fish live in their environment. 
An example: 
Early in my lake shore trout fishing experience I was talking with someone about wanting to catch more fish. 
He said something like, "Well, of course you're fishing off the points of the shoreline." 
Since I had been fishing in coves, I mumbled something and put that in my be sure to try next time brain file. 
Next time I ran into him, I was casting off a point but said I still wasn't having much luck.
He said something like "Well, trout don't like to go around a point in shallow water, they feel exposed".
I said something about not being able to see the slope of the bottom 'cause it was underwater.
He said, "Turn around. That's what the slope will be underwater." 
So I started fishing off points that dropped off into deeper water and started to catch more fish.

I was adding to my knowledge of how the species of fish I was after behaved in it's environment.
Which is why we decided to present the information about how fish exist in their environment in this format.
And, we decided to do it in a way that would give you opportunity to offer your own viewpoints and experience.
Much like me and that guy I was talking with.
After all, in fishing as in most things, there is no better teacher than experience.
And learning from the experience of others is a wise way to increase knowledge.

How it works

We will post some facts about a species and hopefully a visitor (such as yourself) will respond with an experience or thought related to that fact. Or contact me to start a new topic.
Say you see something about trolling slowly for Kokes. 
You might respond by saying trolling speed is overrated because on such and such a date, you caught and released 4 limits of Kokes while jetting along at 2 1/2 MPH.
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