How To Catch Kokanee - Bottomfish

About This Blog 

Every once in a while, Bottom Line Tackle gets an email requesting a How To Catch Kokanee page (or for another species like How To Catch Bottomfish). 
As flattering as that is, we are far from being recognized authorities.

In fact if you want to learn how to catch a species that is new to you we recommend that you book a trip with a guide.
A guide has all knowledge you will ever need to know about the species and how to fish the waters your new quarry calls home (see Learning from a Guide, below). 

That said, we are aware that hiring a guide is not a realistic solution for everyone.
So we decided the best way to offer "How To Catch Fish" info would be a list of facts in a blog.
Most of the people who know how to catch fish on a consistent basis would probably agree that in order to develop successfull fishing methods, an understanding of what makes their quarrry tick is necessary.

The more an angler understands about a species, the more successful that angler will become.
By using a blog format, readers can get ideas from anyone who might want to offer input.
And in turn, have an opportunity to share their own viewpoints.

Sharing knowledge on How To Catch Fish is the purpose of this board. 
After all, in fishing as in most things, there is no better teacher than experience.
And learning from the experiences of others is a wise way to increase knowledge.


We will post some facts about a species and hopefully a visitor (such as yourself) will respond with an experience or thought related to that fact. Or start a new species topic.
Use the Contents drop-down above to select a Species and when you find a fact of interest, post your response.
Example: say you read a fact about the trolling speed for Kokes. You might respond by saying trolling speed is overrated because on such and such a date, you caught and released 4 limits of Kokes while flying along at 2 1/2 MPH.
  • Please keep it rated G
  • Use * instead of vowels if you must cuss - personally, I feel that cussing sounds like sh*t.
  • We will be randomly adding Topics from time to time.
  • If you want to submit a Topic for discussion, either email or contact us. 
We reserve the right to reject a Topic we feel to be innapropriate and we will notify you of the reason for rejection.
We reserve the right to remove any post that we feel is not appropriate for the Topic in which it is posted.

learning from a guide

Every guide we have ever met is more than willing to "show you the ropes".
Because they all love and respect our sport and they feel that an essential part of their chosen profession is to encourage ethical fishing methods and practices (you can feel confident that the guides we have linked to adhere to this concept - otherwise, we would not link to them in the first place).
When you book your trip, be sure to tell your guide that while catching fish you also want to learn everything from knots to trolling depth. 
That way, there will be no last minute suprises for you or your guide when you hit the water. 
You deserve the most you can get for your money.
Your guide deserves to know what you want so he can furnish the best trip possible.