Product Design - 3 Examples

We combine innovation with quality material resulting in unique handcrafted fishing tackle designed from our experiences in fishing freshwater lakes, streams and rivers; and near shore/off shore in saltwater.

3 prime examples of how we combine innovation and quality material in unique handcrafted tackle designs.

EXAMPLE:  Our Sierra Gold Kokanee lures use Gammy hooks and Fluorocarbon leader - This one features a unique Turbo blade

EXAMPLE:  Our Saltwater jigs for lingcod and all bottomfish are designed with 3-D eyes, powder coated, and then clear coated to protect the resulting brighter color contrast.

EXAMPLE: No-Snag Downrigger Weights - featured is our Thermometer Weight which helps locate fish in the water column.
Please also note our unique close tolerance No Slip Clip on on our Stacker Release, Blade Troll and on our 1 Tuff Mutha Snubba.

Terry (the honcho of Bottom Line Tackle) got tired of losing stuck lead ball downrigger weights.

He decided to replace them with a solid Stainless Steel rod not only to prevent snags, but also for these added benefits absent in a traditional lead ball: 

- Fresh OR Saltwater use 
- less blowback 
- better tracking 
- no lead so if it should get hung up it won't lie on the bottom throwing out toxins as it decomposes.

These are 3 prime examples of how we combine innovation with quality material in unique handcrafted tackle designs.