Presentation Rods with Handles and Grips of Exotic Woods

These are examples of our beautiful handcrafted Wood Handle Presentation Rods.
Looking for a special gift for retirement, special occasion, or even yourself?  (Go ahead-you deserve it!)
Each one is unique and one of a kind.  They are available in Light or Dark exotic woods

These are "real" rods and are 100% ready to fish. 
In fact, we supply these rods to a High Sierra Guide who insists on providing his clients with a unique experience.

Because of the unusual nature of this item, it is very difficult to quote an exact price here, but prices usually range from $225-$300 while the rarest woods may command a higher price.

Don't know where to begin?  Want to surprise someone?   
We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have about this exceptional offering.
For more information about these beautiful and usable works of art, please contact our custom rod builder, Terry Walton


Bird's Eye Fiddleback Maple

This is a prime example of the unique beauty and craftsmanship of a Presentation Rod.
The talents of Terry Walton, our rod builder is certainly evident... More...

A closer look at the Bird's Eye Fiddleback Rod

This pic show the unique figuring and finish on this beautiful rod... More...

Two different woods on the same rod

This customer couldn't make up his mind if he wanted a dark wood or a light wood and left it up to Terry... More...

Close up of the Walnut Burl Grip

Please note the depth of the Burl.
Again, one of our rare woods, but not as hard to obtain as some others... More...

Close up of the Walnut Butt Piece

Please note the hand sculpted curve of the wood... More...


This rod was built for and presented to a returning Marine from his family.
Do you have someone to honor... More...

Examples of the exotic woods we use

From left to right... More...

Our rarer exotics-these are not always available

From left to right... More...

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