The System

Downrigger system includes weight, snubber, stacker release and blade troll
We catch our fair share of Kokes using the System. So do our buds. And we'll bet you will, too.
The System is a package of the downrigger terminal accessories needed to catch fish. We are offering the components of the System at a package price of a 10% discount off the price of each individual item if purchased separately
To build your system, select 1 ea. of the 4 items in the numbered list below which are the components of the System - the size of the weight and colors of the Snubber and Blade Troll are your choice.
The description and picture for each individual component can be found by clicking on the item name in the numbered list.
(please click on the pic for a closer look) 
  1. downrigger weight with thermometer
  2. 1 tuff mutha snubber
  3. stacker release
  4. blade troll (NOTE - the Blade Troll shown has been updated to the model shown by following the link) 
FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH - When we go fishing, to the System we add (not included):
  • A sierra gold lure (color depends on the position of the sun & if it's clear or cloudy)
  • A gg uv or gg glo Dodger (depending on water clarity)
  • A 71/2-8' 4-10 Line Weight Rod, Bait Casting, Slow action
  • A well maintained (matched to the rod) casting reel with smooth drags holding 4 to 8 lb. mono
  • Shoepeg Corn or Maggots soaked in scent oil.
We'll bet you'll be as pleased with using the System as we are. 
PLEASE NOTE: The items eligible to be selected for the System are restriced to those ordered from this page and special order items are not availble as part of the System package.