Stainless Steel Downrigger Weight with a Dual Scale C/F Thermometer

Stainless Steel Cylindrical Downrigger Weight  with Dual Scale (C/F) Thermometer

Don't have a fish finder? Or don't have a temp readout?

Find your trolling depth with our Stainless Steel Downrigger Weight WITH Thermometer.


EXAMPLE: Kokanee hang out at 50 to 54 F because that temperature is where their metabolism is most efficient. Targeting that temperature in the water column can help you catch more fish.

(please click the pic for a closer look)  

Our Thermometer Weight can help you find the depth of that temperature in a few moments. Start trolling at a depth of your choice, pull the weight up, take a reading, raise or lower your weight as indicated, repeat until the correct temperature depth is found.                          

  • Dual Scale C/F Thermometer
  • prevents unwanted hangups
  • reduces blowback
  • hand-crafted in our shop
  • NO LEAD 
  • 304 grade stainless for durability
  • eye-bolts are 100% stainless attached with a locknut and Loctite for security
  • top eye attaches to your downrigger, the side eye is to attach a lake troll
  • for either Saltwater or Freshwater
6lb. ($40) to 15 lb. ($65) weights are normally in stock (to show the price for the size you want, select that size in the dropdown and the price will update)

Custom weights - 20 lb. and above are available, please contact us for a quote

If you don't need the thermometer, CLICK HERE