B-21 King Salmon & Trout Trolling Spoon

  • 4 colors - Lights Out (GLO), Blue Devil, Bloody Frog, Pink Panther
  • The bottom side is unfinished
  • The overall length
  • Lights Out GLO spots
  • Lights Out GLO spots
  • Pink Panther MetalFlake
The 7 light reflecting faces of this baby prowl the water like a Stealth bomber prowls the sky. And like a Stealth, when it strikes, it's deadly. 
Just ask Trinity Lake king salmon and Pyramid Lake cutthroat trout.
7 light reflecting faces for superb vibration and action
4 colors, 1 with GLO spots, 2 Metalflake 
3D eye
3 segment rolling chain
Gammy Siwash hook

Silicone re-usable hook protector
NOTE: the bottom side is unfinished bare metal
Non Slip Loop Knot or Duo Lock Snap recommended
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