1 Tuff Mutha Snubber

1 Tuff Mutha Snubber Orange
Not only is our snubber our recommended way of attaching the weight to your downrigger cable, it also absorbs the sudden shock to your expensive equipment in case of an unexpected hang-up because it is....1 Tuff Mutha Snubber !  

  • The Standard length is 22" overall
  • 16" to 30" are also in stock
  • Special Order lengths available (contact us)
  • 500 lb. test
  • Premium Heavy Duty  Stainless Steel Hardware
  • No-Slip Clip
  • Color - Green or Orange, your choice
  • Reduces voltage build-up in the Downrigger Cable with electric downriggers

The high tensile strength material stands up in case of an unfortunate hang-up.

Of course, that possibility is greatly reduced if you use our cylindrical downrigger weight

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no-slip clip
for strength 

No slip clip tight grip stainless
Premium, Stainless Clip

also green

Tough Mutha Snubber Green

This 18" length is popular with Kayak enthusiasts