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About Us

We design - fabricate handcrafted fishing tackle products that catch fish
(please look thru The Tackle Box).

We avidly fish fresh and salt water and got tired of buying tackle that wasn't reliable due to the use of mediocre material and poor design 
(bottom line - we got tired of being ripped off).
So we began making our own tackle. 

Soon we were out-catching our buds who began asking: 
"What are you guys using, anyway?"
Which was soon followed by:
"Would you make some for me?"

Long story short, here we are on the web presenting the same tackle that we use, to you.

We are proud of the quality, design and fabrication standards we hold ourselves to when offering these products for your consideration.
Thank you for stopping by and for giving Bottom Line Tackle an opportunity to meet your fishing tackle needs.

Terry Walton: 
Design, Fabrication and Field Testing
Jeff Stuart: 
Internet and Field Testing

Handcrafted Products

Our HANDCRAFTED products are designed and fabricated in our shop using the highest quality components and standards of workmanship.



"I loved the way they work with less blowback compared to ball weights and will probably never use the regular ball weights again"                                  Doug McArthur                              
Team McFishing Guide Service
CA Mother Lode Lakes - CA Delta


"Caught my limits AND took home the $ with a 26" ling....One of my buddies was also using your jigs and had the 2nd biggest bag on the boat. I'll be getting some more jigs for my next trip in a few weeks (even though I didn't lose a single jig!)"                                               Allen Kelly                                         Fishing out of Monterey, CA


"A sample was given to me to try in an upcoming memorial tournament for my dad. Even though it took longer than 5 minutes to hook up, catching the 2nd place fish was good enough for me."  Mike Fraught,                               Previous Owner                          Fisherman's Friend, Lodi, CA


"I've gotten a lot of positive response about your weights from clients who have seen them first hand, from other guides and during seminars such as the one I recently gave at Cabala's in Reno."
Marc Christophel

Christophel's Guide Service
Lakes: Stampede - Boca - Donner

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WARNING: SOME PRODUCTS CONTAIN LEAD         Lead is a substance known to the State of California to cause birth defects, other reproductive harm & cancer.

Wash your hands thoroughly after handling any such hazardous product.